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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Natural gas demand is increasing as more and more we rely on this cleaner fuel to heat our homes and power vehicles essential to our everyday life including fleets of utility trucks and commuter buses. Gas compressor and engine heating helps keep natural gas flowing as midstream operations compress and prepare the gas for processing and distribution. HOTSTART hazardous location, IECEx certified heating systems heat coolant in engines and prelube compressor frames with heated oil, keeping key equipment ready to operate on demand. In oil and gas applications, improving equipment availability and maintaining system readiness are critical factors in reducing expenses and improving the bottom line. In cold climates, HOTSTART heating systems ensure immediate startup even in freezing temperatures. In warm, humid climates, HOTSTART systems maintain equipment above the dew point, eliminating temperature variation that can cause condensation to form in the oil pan and compromise the oil’s lubrication properties.


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Spokane Valley, Washington, United States

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