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June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Polycore Tubular Linings

Polycore Tubular Lining, a wholly owned subsidiary of Western Falcon Energy Services (WFES), supplies the Oil & Gas Industry with several patented recyclable thermoplastic liners that mitigate rod wear and extend well run life. Other companies under the WFES brand include Western Falcon, Warbird Tubular Processors, and Conestoga Supply, all located in in Odessa, TX. Polycore Tubular Lining, along with the remaining branches of WFES, service all tubular supply and failure protection requirements in Canada. The Bow Island Facility is strategically located in Southern Alberta. It has been fully operational since June 2007, installing thermoplastic liners as well as holding inventory of OCTG for the Canadian Oil & Gas Industry. In 1994 Polycore liners were first deployed in a beam pumped wells to eliminate rod on tubing well failures. Further research and development focused on new thermoplastic materials and additional applications, including but not limited to; injection, disposal, flowlines, and beam pumped and PC pumped wells. Today, Polycore offers five unique liners with temperature limits from 71° C to 260° C (160° F to 500° F), expanding to fit most forms of artificial lift installations and velocity strings. The liners’ protection of downhole tubing eliminates internal corrosion and rod on tubing failures. This now makes it economical to produce many marginal fields otherwise too costly to operate. Polycore Tubular Lining, based in Calgary and Bow Island, Alberta, handles tubular needs and tubular failure protection requirements for Polycore Energy Services’ Canadian customers. Fully operational since June 2007, the Bow Island Facility installs thermoplastic liners in both new and used OCTG.

Polycore Tubular Linings

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