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June 9 - 11, 2020
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Universal Site Monitoring

Universal Site Monitoring, is an Australian, Darwin based business that produces Australian designed and manufactured safety monitoring devices via Industry 4.0 and Internet of Things technology for industrial businesses. USM's key product is the PSM Hero715. The first Personal Safety Monitor (PSM) that combines key safety needs, into one handheld device, for complete safety oversight; direct communication, gas detection, location sensing, slips trips & falls, biometrics (heart-rate) and data analytics via the Internet in real-time. USM aims to disrupt the market through building the next generation of safety devices and transforming worker protection on a global scale. The PSM Hero715 is a communication tool worn on the worker, serving as the ultimate safeguard for multiple risks simultaneously to ensure they are protected regardless of job, industry or working conditions. USM’s solution to ensure workers in potentially hazardous situations are monitored in real time and give powerful communications tools to track, advise and rescue. The targets are: Oil & Gas, Mining and Heavy Industrial markets, where workers currently carry multiple safety devices into the field. Now they only need one, Hero715. Early adoption trials have been completed in Belgium, Spain and Canada with Arcelor Mittal, the world’s largest steel maker. The target market is large multisite resources companies globally. The gas detection market is set to grow to $3B by 2020/21 and USM is well positioned to take advantage of that growth. USM’s patented Hero715, can show in real time: • Worker location • Their body based biometrics • Surrounding gas hazards • The temperature • Trips or falls from height Matched with unparalleled level of alarms and real time reports gives a holistic view of workers safety at all times. Universal Site Monitoring has superior technology with communications, location and hazard sensing in one unit with unique and innovative technology and under patent protection.

Universal Site Monitoring

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