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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada


As the GPS Technical Conference Call for Abstracts is in full swing, we caught up with Technical Committee members to discuss what abstract they're reviewing, why they chose to work in this industry and what they like to do in their off time.

This week we connected with Candice Paton, Executive Director, Clean Technology at Alberta Innovates.

GPS: What is your specialty? What abstracts will you be reviewing?

CP: My background is in chemical and mechanical engineering and my career experience has been in technology development in both oil sands and clean technologies.  I’ll be reviewing abstracts submitted to the Alternative Energy, Enhanced Oil Recovery, Environmental Management, Field Development & Infrastructure,  and Reservoir Engineering categories.

GPS: What are some projects you’ve worked on?

CP: In my previous role in industry, I’ve worked on a number of technology development projects for in situ oil sands facilities – from solvent recovery process trials to oxyfuel combustion for carbon capture and flue gas recirculation systems for low NOx emissions.  In my role at Alberta Innovates, I provide support to innovators in projects that have the potential to be transformative in Alberta: from bioenergy projects to smart grid systems to oil and gas technologies.

GPS: What trends are you noticing in global energy? 

CP: I am noticing an increasing trend of integrating conventional systems with new technologies and solutions – for example, utilizing digital technologies to enhance oil and gas operations, integrating smart grid technologies into renewables systems, or repurposing infrastructure for new projects or products.  New thinking about the role oil and gas products will play in an energy transition and the opportunities for creating value-added products from hydrocarbons is very exciting.

GPS: What attracted you to working in energy?

CP: How we produce and use energy has a dramatic impact on our lives and our environment – no matter where you live or who you are. To be working on the challenges that our energy industry faces is exciting because of the opportunity it gives to positively affect change for people, economies and the environment.

GPS: What do you like to do in your free time?

CP: I love spending time in the outdoors with my family – hiking, camping, skiing & snowboarding and exploring. I’ve always got my nose in book and have been known to do the odd bit of urban beekeeping.

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