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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

EFI Sustainable Pathways to Syngas, Fuels & Chemicals Forum

Energy Frontiers International's (EFI) second forum of 2019 provides an excellent opportunity for industry executives interested in getting up to speed on a variety of viable technology and strategic pathways to sustainable fuels and chemicals now being developed, demonstrated and deployed in North America.
EFI's Sustainable Pathways to Syngas, Fuels & Chemicals Forum involves some of the companies attracting the most interest and investment for technologies enabling the transition to low-carbon, sustainable fuels, power, and chemicals.

EFI Sustainable Pathways to Syngas, Fuels & Chemicals Forum

Room 100A, BMO Centre, Stampede Park
June 12 - 13, 2019
Free to attend with Visitor or Conference Badge

Companies including Enerkem, LanzaTech, Methanex, and ChemBioPower will provide briefings on technologies enabling the conversion of natural gas, CO2, biomass, biogas, waste, and other low-carbon feedstocks to sustainable fuels, power, and chemicals, and demonstration and first commercial deployment plans in Alberta and North America.

EFI is a non-advocacy international association of energy companies that holds technology forums and site visits on a broad range of energy subjects for the benefit of member companies interested in an unbiased assessment of the commercial status of important energy processes and technologies, their commercial readiness, relative competitive position and deployment prospects. The group dates to 1980, and began as the world's first synthetic fuels trade association.

EFI’s non-advocacy, small-group, "closed door" meetings with a technology focus are considered among the most informative and enjoyable in the industry in terms of the knowledge of the attendees, the content of the presentations, the quality of the discussion and networking that takes place, and the informality and cordiality of the group.