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North America's Leading Energy Event
June 9 - 11, 2020
Stampede Park - Calgary, Canada

Collaborative Trendsetter Award

The Collaborative Trendsetter Award is designed to recognize operators who are leading the charge, pushing the envelope, redefining industry level performance, driving technology innovation and collaboration within the oil and gas industry.

2019 WINNER – Natural Gas Innovation Fund
PROJECT: Launched by the Canadian Gas Association

Natural Gas Innovation Fund (NGIF) was selected as the winner of the Collaborative Trendsetter category because they are an industry led entity comprised of seven leading natural gas producers who drive technology development in Canada’s natural gas energy system. They are the leaders in federal, provincial and industry co-funding collaboration within cleantech innovation.

NGIF’s vision is to position Canada – already a leader in the responsible and economic production and use of natural gas – as a more competitive global leader in cleantech innovation across the natural gas value.

NGIF’s mission is to build a diversified portfolio of investments, strategic partnerships, and a trusted investment model that delivers on environmental and economic performance for the natural gas industry.


HONOURABLE MENTION - NAL Resources Ltd. & Saskatchewan Research Council
PROJECT: Collaborating to Reduce Emissions and Produce Clean Energy

NAL Resources Ltd. & Saskatchewan Research Council we selected as the category honourable mention because of their close collaboration which has made them an industry disruptor regarding methane regulatory changes.

SRC and NAL’s close collaboration built awareness within both organizations of the pending provincial and federal methane regulations and their relevance to the project’s goals and methodology and ensured SRC and NAL were ahead of the game regarding being prepared for the coming regulatory changes.

Community Engagement Award

The Community Engagement Award recognizes the industry's efforts in contributing to the betterment of the wider community which is directly linked to the oil & gas industry, and in which the organization operates.

2019 WINNER – Scovan Forward Engineering
PROJECT: Greenlearning Canada’s Solar Oven Challenge Initiative

Scovan Forward Engineering was selected as the winner of the Community Engagement category because of their commitment to educate students on how renewable energy can play a role within the natural gas and oil sector.

Scovan partnered with GreenLearning Canada for their Solar Oven Challenge. Students are invited in this annual challenge to participate by building, testing and baking with their own constructed solar ovens. Scovan created a tutorial video to construct a solar oven that is on GreenLearning’s website. The video is an excellent resource for students and teachers to learn about renewable energy. Scovan is a proud supporter of STEM-based educational programs for learners of all ages.


HONOURABLE MENTION – Tamarack Valley Energy
PROJECT: Making a Difference Program

Tamarack Valley Energy (TVE) was selected as the category honourable mention because they are not just making a donation but are making a difference in their community. TVE’s culture motivates staff members to be aware of the hardships Canadian families endure these days.

Their mandate over the past year has been, “give not just to make a donation, give to make a difference.” Therefore, they carefully designed and implemented their Make a Difference Program, which aims to support those living in poverty in the city of Calgary.


Community Engagement Award Alumni

2018: Tamarack Valley Energy
2017: Nigeria LNG Ltd.
2016: PDVSA Intevep
2015: Enbridge & Edmonton Catholic Schools

Digital Innovator Award

The Digital Innovator Award is designed to recognize new digital technologies that support or drive the energy industry. The University of Calgary and they Schulich School of Engineering sponsored the 2019 award as they are a catalyst for meaningful change within the energy sector, with its researchers always seeking out new innovations and developing technologies to sustainably grow the industry.

2019 WINNER – Hifi Engineering
PROJECT: Hifi High Fidelity Dynamic Sensing (HDS) via Specialize Fiber Optics for Preventative Pipeline Leak Detection

Hifi Engineering was selected as the winner of the Digital Innovator category because their innovative use of fiber optic technology which is extremely relevant in pipeline safety.

The sensor can detect high fidelity acoustics, temperature and vibration / strain indications that can be indicators of pipeline anomalies such as leaks, as well as abnormal strain due to geotechnical activity, security intrusions such as construction activity operating too close to the pipe, or thermal abnormalities such as potential forest fires crossing a pipeline right-of-way.

Artificial intelligence (AI) based algorithms analyze the data to recognize the leak signatures and other significant events.

Other applications supported include perimeter security detection around pump stations or other sensitive areas.


PROJECT: Validere’s Quality Optimization Software

Validere was selected as the category honourable mention because of their use of Internet of Things (IoT) technology to radically improve real-time confidence in product quality through rapid aggregation and organization of field-data. Validere’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) leverages that data to generate predictive insights that guide optimal quality, logistics, and trading decisions.

Deployment of Validere’s products across leading Canadian producers and midstream companies has already led to significant cost savings and revenue enhancements.  


Digital Innovator Award Alumni

2018: Moblize

Emerging Clean Technology Award

The Emerging Clean Technology Award is specific to non-renewable resources and recognize companies who focus on innovative technologies to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including Co2 and methane, in the fossil energy industry.

2019 WINNER – Tricore Carbon Solutions
PROJECT: Paradigm Shift for Methane Emission Reductions

Tricore Carbon Solution s was selected as the winner of the Emerging Clean Technologies category because of their innovative solution which allows the industry to meet the new methane regulations at a greatly reduced cost.

Tricore provides the Solar Powered Pumps which can create carbon credit revenue at eligible sites. Tricore finances eligible deployments via a lease to own model for producers, eliminating capital outlay requirements for the oil and gas industry. As credits are generated from operating sites the lease is paid down. The result is an innovative Solar Powered Injection Pumps that help producers reduce energy consumption, accurately MRV their methane emission reductions, lower costs, improve worker safety, meet regulatory requirements, and improve the environment at scale.


HONOURABLE MENTION – Harris Corporation
PROJECT: HeatWave® and ESEIEH® (Enhanced Solvent Extraction Incorporating Electromagnetic Heating)

Harris Corporation was selected as the category honourable mention because they are implementing a unique thermal-enhanced oil recovery technology to improve the economics of heavy oil production while reducing the environmental impact.

This technology combines radio frequency (RF) heating with solvent injection, allowing for cleaner and more economical oil production from heavy oil and oil sands reservoirs at lower operating pressures when compared to current industry methods, such as Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD).


Emerging Clean Technologies Award Alumni

2018: Clean O2 Carbon Capture Technologies
2017: Acceleware

Emerging Leader Award

The Emerging Leader Award was a close race this year, it acknowledges an up and coming individual whose efforts have propelled their organization to excellence and ensured the ongoing success of the energy industry. The 2019 nominees truly stand out in terms of leadership, strategic thinking and the pursuit of excellence in their field.

2019 WINNER – Suha Kayum, Focus Area Champion in Advanced Scientific Computing, Saudi Aramco
Suha Kayum became a Focus Area Champion in the area of Advanced Scientific Computing at EXPEC Advanced Research Center of Saudi Aramco in 2018, which focuses on the continuous evolution of software algorithms with rapidly evolving hardware and technology to enhance reservoir simulation performance algorithms, robustness and efficiency ultimately leading to reduced costs and increased recovery.

Suha was selected as the winner of the Emerging Leader category because of her passion for the industry and her drive to become a trailblazer within her organization. She has become a Focus Area Champion in the area of Advanced Scientific Computing, was first author on numerous SPE scientific papers, filed many patents that are being used in her field, represents Saudi Aramco when presenting department strategy to various VIP’s including CEO’s and Ministers, a champion for women which allowed Suha to speak at the Women’s Global Leadership conference in 2018 in Houston as well as have served as an SPE Ambassador to the Student Outreach Program…to name a few accomplishments.


HONOURABLE MENTION – Rebekah Moore, Security Manager, Accenture
Rebekah Moore is a Security Manager, specializing in Industrial Control Systems (ICS) Security, focused on energy sector clients in North America. She provides consulting services to her clients, enabling them to design and run ICS Security Programs, conduct ICS security run & maintain assurance, perform ICS security risk modeling, conduct ICS security gap assessment workshops, and close ICS their gaps.

Rebekah Moore was selected as the category honourable mention because she is an individual who is a leader when it comes to women in security. Her remarkable dedication to pave the way for the next generation of women has been evident in her willingness to speak honestly as well as challenge the status quo.

Health and Safety Award

The Health and Safety Award recognizes new concepts which contribute to enhancing the overall HSE record of the energy industry.

2019 WINNER – Pahwa MetalTech Private Limited
PROJECT: Non-Hazardous & Environmentally Friendly Non-Sparking Hand Tools for Safe Working of Oil & Gas Facilities

Pahwa MetalTech was selected as the Health and Safety Award winner because they are the only company in the world to successfully produce copper titanium, non-hazardous and environmentally friendly non-sparking hand tools within the oil & gas industry on a commercial scale.

Conventionally Non-Sparking Tools are made from Copper Beryllium and Aluminium Bronze. Beryllium is a category 1 carcinogen and known to cause cancer (very often fatal) known as Berylliosis. Exposure to Beryllium poses  a high risk to the users of any alloy containing Beryllium and also a risk to the environment, if not disposed in accordance with stringent standards.

The other material option for non-sparking tools is Aluminum Bronze which does not pose any health or environment risks but the alloy has very poor strength and the tools break or wear out quickly causing injury to operator and damaging the equipment, which is a hazard when working in flammable environments.

Pahwa MetalTech’s copper titanium hand tools eliminate all the disadvantages of both the materials. It safe to use and environmentally friendly. This innovative alloy is non-magnetic, non-sparking and has been developed after 20 years of painstaking research in defence labs, in India


PROJECT: iDriveAware: New technology to stop employee distracted driving and improve driving behaviours 

Aware 360 was selected as the category the honourable mention because of their new concepts that put a stop to employee distracted driving and improves driving behaviours. 

Driving is one of the most dangerous activities employees do. An estimated 41% of workplace fatalities are caused by accidents, and 90% of accidents are caused by human error. Unfortunately, driving has become a habit we perform on autopilot instead of an active job performed with great attention to detail. To date, smartphones have made the problem worse – creating more distractions for drivers with little organizations can do to mitigate this risk. Specifically, texting and driving makes you 8x more likely to be in a crash and causes 5x more accidents than drunk driving.

Aware360’s iDriveAware solution incorporates a smartphone app and cloud-based reporting portal to evaluate driver actions and provide feedback. It is the next evolution in telematics and was recently released to combat distracted driving in the workplace and help employers manage the safety of their driving workforce. Unlike traditional telematics programs, which use hardware and focus on the vehicle not the person. In addition, this solution is one of the only products on the market with the ability to track distracting phone use versus phone use using a handsfree device - leveraging internal sensors in the smartphone to create alerts for irregular movement of the phone while driving.


Health & Safety Award Alumni

2018: Blackline Safety
2017: Reflex Marine
2016: Boon Energy

Indigenous Excellence Award

The Indigenous Excellence Award was designed to recognize Indigenous and non-Indigenous companies who are leading the way by successful collaboration between Indigenous peoples and the energy industry.

2019 WINNER – Steel River Group
PROJECT: Creating Opportunities for Indigenous Communities and Partners

Steel River Group was selected as the winner for the Indigenous Excellence Award because their ecosystem that creates an alignment between three critical groups: their group of companies, their Indigenous partners and their alliance with industry partners.

Resembling the biodiversity within nature’s ecosystems and seen in traditional teachings where the bear, the rock, the tree and the river are all interconnected and interdependent, Steel River’s Ecosystem brings business diversity and a reimagined business model to Indigenous engagement in Canada.

It was born two years ago when Steel River’s principals, a team of experienced oil and gas industry professionals, started working with Alexis Nakota Sioux Nation and its oilfield construction company, Backwoods Energy.

In only two years, SRG helped accelerate the growth of Backwoods Energy from $10-million dollars in annual revenue to $90-million dollars in annual revenue and creating 308 jobs. With over 65% of its workforce from Alexis, more and more of its members are working in positions from construction to management. SRG continues its momentum by starting subsidiaries like Steel River Solutions, Steel River Water, Steel River Management and Steel River Equipment to create more employment opportunities, including the construction of a major 20”, 65km pipeline project west of Edmonton.

Proven true within its Ecosystem, Steel River sees success is achieved when a group of likeminded individuals operate in a collaborative environment, built around mutual trust, respect and cooperation.


HONOURABLE MENTION – InnoTech Alberta and C-FER Technologies
PROJECT: Indigenous Pipeline Monitoring Program

InnoTech Alberta and C-FER Technologies was selected as the category honourable mention because they created an Indigenous pipeline monitoring program which facilitates a mutual understanding between communities and industry as well as creates jobs in various communities.

Indigenous people are often ‘boots-on-the-ground’ and can be a valuable partner for pipeline monitoring and spill response. They have trained sixty Indigenous pipeline monitors from Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba and British Columbia in pipeline inspection techniques, pipeline operations, security, safety and emergency, and pipeline lab.


Indigenous Excellence Award Alumni

2018: Pimee Well Services
2017: Seven Lakes Oilfield Services
2016: Conklin Integrated Environmental Services & Integrated Environments
2015: Cold Lake First Nations & Primco Dene Group of Companies

Innovation in Equipment Award

The Innovation in Equipment Award recognizes high disruptive innovations in equipment that have a major impact on energy efficiency, emissions, economics, schedule or quality.

2019 WINNER – JEBCO International
PROJECT: UltraClad™ Technology

JEBCO International was selected at the winner of the Innovation in Equipment category because they are the creator of the world’s first and only fully robotic weld overlay technology, operating in the 1F (Flat) welding position, capable of cladding any shape or size pipe. All while delivering the purest, most corrosion and wear resistant overlay on the market today.

While the competition welds as if every pipe was perfectly round, UltraClad™ is the only weld overlay technology in the world that automatically makes real-time, on-the-fly adjustments to compensate for inconsistencies in a pipe’s geometry and ovality, ensuring the most accurate, purest and protective weld in the industry.​


HONOURABLE MENTION – Novarc Technologies
PROJECT: Spool Welding Robot

Novarc Technologies were selected as the category honourable mention because their technology is a collaborative welding robot designed to semi-automate the pipe roll welding process which enables pipe fabrication shops to significantly reduce their cost of welding all while improving the quality of their welds.

The end-users of pipes will lower the cost of fabrication projects and reduce the duration of the project. Many end-users of pipes are in the Oil and Gas industry and are using fabrication shops to manufacture pipes using the Spool Welding Robot for the building of refineries, off-shore rigs, gas skids, etc., or are considering automating the welding process with a collaborative robot due to a shortage of highly-skilled labour.


Innovation in Equipment Award Alumni

2018: Saudi Aramco
2017: Baker Hughes

Innovation in Process Controls Award

The Innovation in Process Controls Award recognizes a project, product or service specific to controls that make a positive impact to the industry.

2019 WINNER – Crux OCM
PROJECT: Auto-Pilot for Midstream Control Room Operators

Crux OCM was selected as the winner of the Innovation in Process Controls Award because their technology enables businesses to autonomously execute flow rate transitions and facility re-starts on their midstream assets up to 40% faster than currently possible, increasing the reliability, flexibility and volumetric throughput compared to current operation.

Crux OCM utilizes AI, machine learning, real time optimization and traditional control methodologies to enable autonomous operation of midstream assets, increasing safety, increasing efficiency and increasing volumetric throughput up to 4%.


2019 WINNER – PDVSA Intevep
PROJECT: Use of Carbono Nanotubes in Heavy Crudes as a Thermal Conductivity Improver and Apparent Viscosity Reduction

PDVSA Intevep was selected as the category honourable mention because their technology, when used during a heavy oil, can help to minimize the interactions of asphaltenes, improve the thermal conductivity of heavy oil and as a consequence reduce its apparent viscosity.


Innovation Process Controls Award Alumni

2018: Amros Corporation
2017: Ingu Solutions
2016: Nsolv
2015: Enereco Engineering and Consulting

Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award

In 2018, we lost a pioneer in the Canadian oil and gas industry – Suzanne West. As an Oil and Gas CEO, Suzanne had a drive for environmental excellence over operational perfection of an imperfect system. She transformed our thinking from being satisfied with merely optimizing current processes to believing that we can indeed have an entirely different kind of oil and gas company — one that can be profitable and change our processes to reduce water and energy in production. She showed us that striving for efficiency alone was not generating the effective stewardship of our resources that is required for a sustainable industry. The Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award serves to recognize any efforts, initiatives or technological advancements that have minimized or eliminated the environmental footprint of the oil and gas industry. 

2019 WINNER – MGX Minerals
PROJECT: Powering the Cleantech Economy with Innovative Wastewater Treatment

MGX was selected as the winner of the Suzanne West Environmental Excellence Award because their treatment system technology, which is a full-service nanofiltration process. It offers oil and gas operators significant reductions in emissions and water management operating costs, while also recovering lithium, a precious mineral used in the lithium-ion batteries critical to the cleantech economy.

As part of its oil and gas treatment system, MGX’s petrolithium technology also offers oil and gas operators a means of tapping into the exploding cleantech energy market. At the foundation of the cleantech revolution lies lithium, a distinctly non-renewable resource necessary to power electric vehicles and energy storage applications. Because demand for this mineral is soaring and is projected to vastly outpace the world’s current supply, meeting this surge in demand will require developing new ways of procuring lithium.

MGX’s petrolithium technology is the first of its kind to commercially recover lithium from oil and gas wastewater. Many companies are exploring new and faster ways to produce lithium, but none are as advanced, diversified and well-funded as MGX. MGX is also the only cleantech company to leverage existing oil and gas infrastructure—active and decommissioned oil wells—for mineral extraction while also offering water purification to oil producers.

The viability of MGX’s petrolithium technology is independently verified by the Saskatchewan Research Council, and the technology was a 2017 finalist for the Most Disruptive Technology in the World award by Katerva. MGX was also named a finalist for the 2018 S&P Global Platts Global Energy Awards in the Emerging Technology and Rising Star categories.


HONOURABLE MENTION – Enviroflame Technologies
PROJECT: EF270 Direct Fired, High-Volume Water Heater Reduces GHG Emissions by up to 40%

Enviroflame Technologies was selected as the category honourable mention because they have designed and built an innovative direct-contact water heater for hydraulic fracturing operations as well can be used in other industries.

Every year, a greater portion of newly drilled North American oil and gas wells are fracture stimulated with large volumes of water – more than 50,000 wells are forecast to be drilled in 2019. Many of the wells will be fracture stimulated in the winter season and will require high-volume water heating. Many of the high-volume frac water heaters release up to 400 degrees of exhaust heat to the atmosphere, which reduces heating efficiency and increases greenhouse gas emissions.

Enviroflame Technologies has designed and built the innovative EF270 direct-contact water heater for hydraulic fracturing operations as well as uses  in other industries. It features:

  • Tri-fuel burner: switch between propane, natural gas and diesel at the turn of a switch
  • Industry leading 95% heating efficiency
  • 40% less fuel consumed than competing heaters
  • 40% less greenhouse gas emissions than competing heaters


Environmental Excellence Award Alumni

2018: Modern Resources
2017: GHGSat Inc.
2016: Titanium Corporation
2015: BC Oil & Gas Commission

Industry Trailblazer Award

The Industry Trailblazer was created to honor individuals who have made a tremendous impact in the energy industry as well as their community.

2019 WINNER – James (Jim) Gray
Mr. Jim Gray was selected as the 2019 award recipient. He has been an exploration geologist for more than 50 years and co-founded one of Canada’s larger natural gas producers. His passion for the industry brought together Calgary’s energy sector and ranching traditions for the first time in 1966 for the greatest outdoor petroleum show on earth, the Canadian Petroleum Exposition, which is now called the Global Petroleum Show.

Jim has participated in a wide range of community activities and projects. Among his activities, he is Chairman of the Calgary Academy Education and Research Foundation, Honourary Chair of the Canada West Foundation and an Honourary Life Director of the Calgary YMCA.

He was awarded an Honourary Doctor of Laws degree by the University of Calgary, the YMCA Fellowship of Honour, and was appointed an Officer of the Order of Canada.

Jim has also been named Energy Person of the Year, inducted into the Canadian Petroleum Hall of Fame, invested as a Member of the Alberta Order of Excellence and inducted into the Calgary Business Hall of Fame.


 Leadership Award Alumni:

2018: Minister Pedro Joaquin Coldwell, Mexican Ministry of Energy
2016: Joanne McNichol, NCS Multistage
2015: Peter Tertzakian, ARC Energy Research Institute


Newsmaker of the Year Award Alumni:

2015: Yadullah Hussain, Postmedia